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 Bottle Creek Ski Trails

As a user of National Forest system lands, you have a significant responsibility for your personal safety during any activity you might pursue. 

The Forest Service does install signs and other information devices at various locations where site conditions warrant. 

However, the size of the National Forest and the variety of natural and man-made conditions limits placement of signs and other specific warnings and necessitates the use of more general education efforts on inherent dangers.  

Hazards are not limited to, but include: changing weather conditions, snow, avalanches, landslides, caves, overlooks, falling trees or limbs, high or rushing water, contaminated water, wild animals, becoming lost or disoriented, overexertion, hypothermia, mining remnants, excavations, tunnels or shafts, decaying structures, a wide variety of equipment, rapidly changing road or trail conditions. You may also be exposed to unreasonable acts of other people. 

The Forest service does not manage or control all of these conditions. 

It is your responsibility to know the hazards involved in your activities and to use the proper safety procedures and equipment to minimize the inherent risks and hazards related to your activity. 

 Trail Courtesy 

Control and clean up after your pet. Pack out all litter and trash. Allow faster skiers to pass. 

Winter Safety

USDA Forest Service - Medicine Bow - Routt National Forests

Brush Creek / Hayden Ranger District *

Encampment 307.327.5481 *Monday - Friday 7:30 am - 4:30 pm
Saratoga 307.326.5258 *Monday - Friday 7:30 am - 4:30 pm

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The Carbon County Visitors Counsel is located in Riverside, Wyoming off HWY 70. Click on the picture for more  information on things to do in Carbon County.