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 Snowmobile Information 

Wyoming has over 2000 miles of groomed and ungroomed trails. The majority of the these trails are signed. Within our system we have a great diversity of trail riding and scenic qualities. There are numerous meadows with powder riding throughout the system. The snowmobile season is from December 1 thru April 15.

Snow Reports are available through this site and will be posted each Wednesday by noon. Our system includes eleven major areas and fall within four regions which includes geographic location such as Northern, Continental Divide, Southwest, and Southeast. Each of these areas have unique qualities. For more specific information on each of these areas please see the Regional State Maps. Wyoming law requires that all snowmobiles must have either a Resident or Nonresident user fee decal adhered to their snowmobile. Each decal is twenty-five dollars and may be purchased at one of the several Permit Selling Agents located throughout the state.

There are several on-trail businesses that cater to winter recreation. For a list of these businesses, please choose a specific area by using the Regional State Maps link. Many of these businesses provide lodging, food, snowmobile rentals, guide services, and much more. Other services are available in cities surrounding snowmobiling areas. Also included in this site is safety information. Please be considerate of other trail users. Remember everyone is out to have fun. Enjoy your experience in Wyoming.

 ORV/OHV Information    

Wyoming Statute 31.1.101 (K):

Type 1: A recreation vehicle primarily designed for off-road use which is (50) inches or less in width, has an unladen weight of nine hundred (900) pounds or less and is designed to be ridden astride upon a seat or saddle and to travel on at least three (3) low pressure tires. 

Type2: Any unlicensed motorcycle which has an unladen weight of six hundred (600) pounds or less and is designed to be ridden off road with the operator astride upon a seat or saddle and travels on two (2) tires.

Type3: Any multi-wheeled motorized vehicle not required by law to be licensed and is designed for cross country travel on or over land, sand, snow, ice or other natural terrain and has an unladen weight of more than nine hundred (900) pounds. 

The Wyoming State ORV program has worked with the USDA Forest Service, BLM and the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, the Office of State Lands and the Wyoming Division of State Parks and Cultural Resources to identify roads, trails and open areas. 

Enrollment decisions are the responsibility of each land managing agency at the local level, not the State Trails Program. Maps provided by the State ORV Program should be considered only as a guide since designations by local land managers will continue to evolve and are subject to either addition or deletion at any time. Please visit the local land manager's office to get the most current ORV designation information and refer to their travel management maps. 

Wyoming OHV & Snowmobile Education Opportunities

- Rider Safety Training -

- Other Educational Resources -

Wyoming Trails Program Safety and Education Opportunities

Contact the Safety and Education Coordinator for classroom or group presentations on ATV, Dirt Bike, and Snowmobile safety and ethics. Presentations and interactive education opportunities are available to those who want to learn more about safe and responsible use of snowmobiles for work or play. Additional resources such as pamphlets are available, upon request. Call the Safety and Education Coordinator at 307-335-8229 to learn more or to schedule your next presentation.

Trail Host Volunteer Program

The Wyoming State Trails Program is seeking volunteers. To serve as responsible Off- Highway Vehicles (OHV) enthusiasts, willing to promote safe riding and responsible use of our public lands are highly desired.  As a TRAIL HOST volunteer, you will have the opportunity to further influence peer behaviors, management decisions and resource conservation. OHV enthusiasts have historically been actively involved in helping manage public lands. Whether monitoring trail conditions, performing peer education or participating in trail maintenance or rehabilitation projects, YOU WILL make a difference.

Wyoming State Snowmobile Association

To learn more about avalanche or snowmobile safety courses available in your area, contact the WSSA at the link above.

4-H Community ATV Safety Program / Project

The 4-H Community ATV Safety Program provides all the material needed to help youth and adults learn how to ride safely. These materials focus on educating and informing pre-teen, teen and adult ATV users about safe riding techniques and practices.

The 4-H ATV Safety Program helps youth riders build critical thinking and life skills necessary to guide them to make good decisions and avoid risks. To learn more, visit .

To enroll in this project, contact your County Extension Office's 4-H Program Leader and request enrollment as a self-determined project. Enrollment is for a restricted period annually.

 Snowmobile Rules and Regulations

Definitions (31-2-401)
(a) (i) "Commercial Snowmobile" means a snowmobile operated as a non-guided rental snowmobile or a snowmobile leased, rented or operated by a commercial snowmobile outfitter;

(a) (ii) "Snowmobile" means any mechanically driven vehicle of a type which utilizes sled type runners, or skis,
or any endless belt tread or combination of these, designed primarily for operation over snow.

Annual Snowmobile Registration and Snowmobile User Fees (31-2-403, 404 and 409)
The owner of a snowmobile which will be operated within the state of Wyoming shall pay one of the following fees:

User Fee permits are available at over 180 selling agent locations throughout the state.

Expiration Date of Registration and User Fee Decals (31-2-407)
Registration and User Fee decals shall be valid from July 1 of the year designated until June 30 of the following year.
The decals issued during any registration year are authorized and legalized until and including the first day of August
of the next succeeding registration year.

Display of Registration and User Fee Decals (31-2-405 and 409)
Registration and User Fee decals must be prominently displayed on the exterior of the snowmobile. The state of Wyoming issues only one decal and it should be displayed on the left side of the hood cowling.

Operation of snowmobiles on highways(31-5-801)
(a) Snowmobiles may be operated upon the highways of Wyoming subject to the following conditions: (i) Snowmobiles may be operated within the right-of-way but not on the main traveled roadway except as provided
hereafter; (ii) Crossings of main-traveled roadways shall be made at right angles to the roadway or as nearly so as practicable,
but in any case yielding the right-of-way to all traffic in the main-traveled roadway; (iii) Snowmobiles may be operated on the highways within the cities and towns pursuant to ordinance; (iv) Snowmobiles may be operated on the main-traveled roadway when the highway is closed to wheeled vehicular
traffic or subject to approval of the state highway department, upon a designated and posted portion of a state
roadway within the boundaries of a national park;

(v) If allowed by the county commissioners, snowmobiles may be operated on a designated and posted portion of a county roadway


Type of Permit Fee
Resident, Private Use Snowmobile Registration/User Fee: $25.00
Non-Resident Snowmobile User Fee:  $25.00
Non-Resident Snowmobile User Fee:  $25.00
Name  Location Address


ORV Permit Information
Brush Creek-Hayden District Saratoga South Highway 130 307.326.5258 877.996.7275
Wyoming State Trails Cheyenne 2301 Central Avenue 307.335.8229 877.996.7275
Outfitters Location Address Phone  email
Brush Creek Ranch Saratoga Star Route, 10  307.327.5241 N/A
Medicine Bow Lodge Saratoga Star Route, 8A 800.409.5439
Wyoming Iron Horse Adventures Rawlins PO Box 1902 307.328.0347 

  Visitors Guide Wyoming Travel Information 








The Carbon County Visitors Counsel is located in Riverside, Wyoming off HWY 70. Click on the picture for more  information on things to do in Carbon County.